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Language Chat Facilitator Expectations

Perks of Being a Chat Facilitator:

Leading a language chat is a great way to practice your facilitation skills and gain hands-on experience in teaching. It is also a great opportunity to meet people from other schools who are interested in learning about your language and culture, and to help them explore more!

Chat Preparation:

The Language Chat Program at the Grad Center is an informal way for students to practice a foreign language and learn about another culture. Since these are informal sessions, the chat facilitators are not required to prepare lesson plans. However, especially if the chat is targeting entry-level learners, we encourage the facilitator to brainstorm some topics for each session as well as some basic grammar patterns and phrases for participants to learn.

Time Commitment:

The language chats run once a week or once every other week depending on the facilitator's schedules. Each session lasts for one hour. The language chats run throughout the entire academic year. Once the facilitator makes a commitment to a scheduled time and day for the semester, he or she is responsible for the chat for the whole semester. Before the end of the Fall semester, the Language Chats Coordinator/Intercultural Fellow will reach-out to the facilitator to review their schedule for the Spring and make any needed changes to the calendar. Facilitators are required to come to each chat session on time. If there is a schedule conflict, facilitators are responsible to contact the Grad Center Intercultural Fellow to inform them of the changes at least one week in advance.

Requirements for Documenting Participant Attendance:

All facilitators are asked to follow these steps to document attendees at the language chats:

  1. Ask for the sign-up sheet from the Fellow at the front desk before each chat sessions.
  2. Ensure that all participants put down their name, email, and school on the sign-up sheets.
  3. Encourage regular participants to register for the chats on the Grad Center website beforehand. Remind them that this makes registration tracking easier for us.
  4. Return the sign-up sheets to the Fellow at the front desk after each chat session.


Email if you would like to volunteer!

Language Chat Participant Expectations

The Language Chats Program at the Grad Center provides a space for participants to learn and practice a foreign language with other grad students in an informal environment. It is different from language classes that teach people grammar, phrases and pronunciation-the Grad Center program assumes that participants have a basic understanding of the language, and encourages facilitators to create an environment for informal learning, linguistic conversation, and cultural exchange. All participants are welcome to join the chat to practice their foreign language skills and talk to other native and non-native speakers. While participants do not need to attend every session, we ask that you pre-register on the Grad Center website for those that you can attend.

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