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Each year, the Penn Provost’s office sponsors a series of events around a theme chosen by faculty, staff and students. Past themes have included 'Evolution,' 'Arts & the City,' 'Year of Water,' 'Year of Games,' and 'Year of Proof.'

The 2013-2014 theme is Year of Sound and provides an opportunity for us to explore sound and the many ways it shapes our lives. What role does sound play in defining a culture or an art form? In designing a building or a mobile device? In learning to read or to speak?  In the functioning of the brain or the heart? How do we process sound that is familiar -- and unfamiliar? And how do we react to the absence of sound? Read more about Penn's theme here.

The Graduate Student Center will be sponsoring events that explore these questions and more, so please join us for a year of terrific events devoted to this fascinating topic! And please let us know if you have any event ideas you'd like to see take place.

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