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About Personal Development & Wellness

Attending graduate school represents a commitment to personal growth. But, while you focus on intellectual goals, don’t forget other components of your life! Greek philosophers understood the importance of the mind-body connection, described by their well-known expression “mens sana in corpore sano” (or, “a healthy mind in a healthy body”). Modern science has compiled evidence in support of this ages-old idea--that physical health is best maintained when you are challenged intellectually, and the mind is sharper when the body is physically-fit. In like fashion, the Graduate Student Center wants to support you in maintaining balance in your own life by offering a personal development program for supporting your mind-body growth. The Personal Development program includes a number of series and events, such as...

Career Services

Walk-In Wednesdays with Career Services
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If you have a quick, career-related question, or want feedback on a CV, resume, or any job/internship application materials, then take this opportunity to meet with a Career Services graduate student/postdoc career advisor at the Graduate Student Center (room 303) every Wednesday from 12-2pm. We are looking forward to speaking with you! To find other walk-in hours offered at Career Services, visit:, and to schedule a 30-minute appointment with a career advisor specific to your School, visit

Connecting Mind and Body

Develop a stronger understanding of the link between the mind and the body. These sessions can help you reduce stress, boost immunity, and promote overall, balanced health. Newcomers are encouraged; many of our attendees are novices, who have commented that these sessions are no-pressure introductions and valuable for participants at all levels.

Mindful Meditation
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Meditation has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. It often helps to clear one's mind and eases other health issues such as high blood pressure and depression.

Join us for weekly guided meditation sessions with Sandi Herman of Campus Health Initiatives.



First-Gen Welcome Reception for Graduate Students

Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Common Room Back (1st Fl), Grad Center, 3615 Locust Walk

Co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Center and Career Services

Are you the first in your family to pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree? If so, please join us for a welcome reception for first-gen graduate students at the Graduate Student Center. Recognizing that first-gen graduate students make many contributions to Penn’s community, the Graduate Student Center and Penn Career Services is launching a series of programs focused on supporting students as they navigate academic culture at the graduate-level and plan for their future careers. Serving as a kick-off event, this welcome reception begins with an introduction to the Graduate Student Center and other Penn resources. This event will also bring together a diverse community of graduate students to connect with each other and build an informal network of peer support. Coffee and dessert will be served.

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