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A Little About Me

Born in the Nordic woods to a large family, I grew up learning the ways of the Gnome. For a better understanding of Gnome culture, I recommend Gnomes by Wil Huygen & Rien Poortvliet. But I wanted to learn more! So began my travels...

I moved to Italy to learn science and art from the Master, Leonardo. After his death, I traveled to the Middle and Far East. I came back to Europe just in time for the French Revolution! Caught up in the fervor, I became disheartened by the bloodshed; and after a brief spell in the Swiss Alps, I moved to England. Fortuitious! I was able to secure a spot on the second journey of the HMS Beagle. Charles Darwin and I forged an instant friendship through our love of nature. His journey ended, but I continued across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

Philadelphia has been my home since the Civil War. Furthering my education at Penn, I've found a wonderful home at the Grad Center. Full of young inquisitive minds, graduate students keep me feeling spritely! I'm still traveling with fellow graduate students. Check out some great photos and little more about me!


Share your gnome travel photos with us! Share your album (google photos, flickr, etc) or send your photos to

Original photograph of La Chouffe by Flickr user Kemal licensed through Creative Commons.

Original photographs of Gnome by Ann R.'s friends, Nicole M., Mike S., Rob R., Kyle F., Claire J., Anita M., Cay B., Ludmilla Z., Amy W., Wenny L., DeAnna C., etc used with permission.

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