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Academic Integrity

Penn has an Academic Code of Integrity which covers cheating, plagarism, misrepresentation, fabrication, etc.

As an instructor, learn how to maintain academic integrity in your classroom.

Office of Access and Achievement Programs provides support services for your students, including the Tutoring Center, which offers a variety of peer tutoring services.

Canvas provides an integrated system of tools for designing course websites, posting course materials, tracking grades, submitting assignments, accessing discussion boards and more, in order to supplement your classroom teaching experience.

Career Services can help you apply your teaching skills to the job market.

CTL offers resources and workshops to help develop and improve your teaching, foster valuable conversations about teaching, and enhance the quality of teaching at Penn. CTL also administers the Teaching Certificate which offers a structure through which you can both improve your teaching at Penn and prepare yourself to become faculty.

CWiC provides courses and workshops to help you and your students improve speaking abilities.

CAPS provides services to your and your students with concerns of a personal, emotional, social, or educational nature.

Courses in Touch provides a tool for course enrollment and grading. Also provides you a means of sending "Course Problem Notices" to students should their work become unsatisfactory for any reason.

VPUL maintains a contact list for recognizing and responding to students in distress.

International Teaching Assistant Testing and Training provides resources for international graduate and professional students interested in becoming teaching assistants. It also administers the Test of Spoken English and training programs.

Penn Library: A comprehensive list of workshops showcases the many resources available to graduate students from the Library including workshops (WICshops) covering Blackboard and other technologies to assist in the classroom. Also see Weigle Information Commons.

Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Grad Students

Policy on Consensual Sexual Relations Between Faculty/TAs and Students

Office of Student Disability Services provides comprehensive, professional services and programs for your students with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities and participation in University-sponsored events.

Talk about Teaching and Learning offers a monthly column about teaching written by faculty for faculty.

Weingarten Learning Resources Center offers instruction in academic reading, writing, and study strategies. Also, houses the Office of Student Disability Services.

The Writing Center offers writing help to Penn students. They also administer CWID Fellowships which fund graduate students to support faculty of writing-intensive courses in the discipline.

Weigle Information Commons: Supports study groups and collaborative learning and offers training, equipment and support for digital media. Several support services are provided for students as they work to improve their effectiveness in writing, speaking and original inquiry. Also see Penn Library workshops.

Online Resources

Chronicle of Higher Education Careers Website provides resources for academic job-seekers, including a search engine, articles, tips, and discussion forums.

National Education Association Online Teaching and Learning Resources provides a useful list of online teaching resources.

University of Florida TA Handbook is a 90+ page TA Handbook that contains information on the TA's role in the classroom, time management, and balancing life as a teacher-scholar.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Writing Center offers useful handouts and links with writing tips and advice.

Useful Software

Powerpoint Tutorial

Other Tutorials offered through the Library

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