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About Dissertation Boot Camp

Looking for an environment where you can focus solely on writing your dissertation? Look no further. The Graduate Student Center's popular Dissertation Boot Camp is your two-week writers' retreat.

As a part of our Navigating the Dissertation Series, our Dissertation Boot Camp was developed to help students progress through the difficult writing stages of the dissertation process. By offering an environment and support for intense, focused writing time, the Camp provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks in the dissertation process. Read about a Camper's experience in The Pennsylvania Gazette, Dissertation 'boot camp' turns slackers into scholars.

Frequency of Boot Camp: Boot Camp is a two-week long, bi-annual event. Boot Camp Winter 2019 will have its mandatory orientation session from 9:00am to 12:00pm on Friday, January 4th. The Boot Camp writing sessions run for two weeks, January 7th to January 18th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. There will be optional afternoon writing sessions until 5pm as well.

Registration: Registration will begin on Thursday, November 1th, and end on December 15th or when all seats are sold out. Registration will take place at the Graduate Student Center. Students should register in person.  If you cannot register in person, please have someone come with your Penncard or a photocopy of your Penncard, and register for you.  We will need your email address and Penn Card number at time of registration.

Cost: Non-refundable $25 supply fee at the time of registration and a separate $50 payment if a camper does not abide by the rules or complete Boot Camp during the second week.

Bootcamp FAQ:

I participated before - can I participate again?

A student cannot participate in more than one Boot Camp. If you participated in a previous two-week Boot Camp, you cannot register again unless there are seats left. The reason for this is twofold:

Questions or Concerns?

We are happy to explain our policies and discuss the program with you. Please contact us at

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