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Need motivation to write? Having a dissertation buddy may provide just the nudge and support you need to put words on the page! Dissertation buddies are self-directed; pairs take the responsibility of meeting and supporting each other.

What Dissertation Buddy Alums say about the experience:

The program helped me set designated study/writing time and follow through on my plans.
Just the externalized responsibility of meeting someone else to write helps--positive peer pressure.
My Dissertation Buddy was instrumental in helping me finish my dissertation. We worked together almost every day during the summer and on a biweekly basis during the school year. Although we studied completely different disciplines, having her there as a friendly productive presence really made a difference in helping me stay focused and make consistent progress on my project.

Dissertation Buddies is a program specifically designed for PhD (or similar doctoral degree, e.g. Ed.D.) students only. If you are a Master's student, please consider signing up for Monday Writing Collective instead. Thank you!

Deadline: September 29, 2017

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