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Room Reservation Policies

General Policy

We have study and meeting rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. As long as space is not reserved, you can use and share the space with other graduate students. If you want to ensure the space is reserved for your group, you will need to complete the request form ».

Who can submit a reservation request?

Only Penn graduate and professional students or University offices offering programs specifically for grad and prof students can reserve a room. We will not accept reservation requests outside these guidelines.

Where can I find a description of the reservable spaces?

You are invited to explore the Center and learn about each room's configuration and capacity.

How much does it cost to reserve space?

During the Center's operating hours, space is available free of charge.

If your reservation extends past the Center's operating hours (current hours listed above right), requires housekeeping services, or is held in the Welfer Common Room or Room 305, please consult our fee list.

Can I reserve the Welfer Common Room during regular operating hours?

We will not reserve the Welfer Common Room (first floor) during our normal hours. The Welfer Common Room's primary purpose is to provide lounge space for grad and prof students during consistent times.

Can I serve alcohol?

We must abide by Pennsylvania and the University's rules on the consumption of alcohol. As such, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to the University's Alcohol Policy of which the major points are:

Are there any other rules?

Of course. Don't trash the room or burn the place down—you and your group will be held responsible. Be respectful and courteous. Be mindful of the space. Now that you've read all the rules, feel free to fill out the Request Form »

Common Room Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9AM - 8PM
Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday-Sunday: 12PM - 6PM

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