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Most frequently asked question:

We make every effort to approve reservations within 24 hours; however, it can take up to 3 business days.

We absolutely cannot process same day reservation requests or requests that occur within 2 business days. If space is not reserved, and the room is available for use, you do not need a reservation to use the space. Read More »

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Check Room Availability

Room 305 and 2nd Fl Conference Room already have a projector to which you can hook up your own laptop. If you request a laptop for any room or projector for rooms other than 305 and 2nd fl conference room, there is a $10/hour multimedia equipment usage fee.

All reservations must end by 7:30pm; Lower Level Conference Room reservations must end by 6:00pm.

Common Room Front (Main Floor)

Common Room Back (Main Floor)

Conference Room (Second Floor)

Room 302 -- Small Lounge

Room 303 -- Group Study Room

Room 305 -- Multi-Purpose Room



Room Arrangement for 305 only

Conference Table seats up to 24;
Theatre seats up to 40;
Semi-Circle seats up to 30 (but does not allow for a/v)

Food & Drink

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The Graduate Student Center staff cannot accept your catering deliveries. A member of your group must be present to accept your delivery.
Will alcoholic beverages be served? Yes      No
If you serve alcohol, you must register your event with the Office of AOD, and you must read the University's alcohol policies for graduate student organizations, and agree to abide by these policies.
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For Reservations After Normal Operating Hours

A $50 security deposit/cancellation fee is required for all reservations that start or extend beyond normal operating hours. The deposit can be provided through a budget code or check. Please make checks payable to "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania."

Budgets will not be charged and checks will be returned for events cancelled more than 24 hours in advance or for events that incur no damage to the Center. The same budget code will be used for payment of any rental and housekeeping fees required.

Budget Code:

Event Description, Questions and Concerns:

Reservation Contract

I, and members of my group, certify that we (check all that apply):

are enrolled graduate students at Penn or affiliated with a University office offering programs for these students.
will pay a $50/hour rental fee if the event extends beyond the Center's normal operating hours.
will pay a $10/hour multimedia equipment usage fee if the Center's equipment is requested.
will pay a $150 housekeeping fee for Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday events that involve food.
will pay a $50 security deposit/cancellation fee for events after hours.

In addition, I, and members of my group, will:

  • Ensure that the event does not extend past midnight.
  • Accept and pay for related catering deliveries.
  • Inform Grad Center management of vendors and/or equipment to be brought in for the event.
  • Prohibit open flames (such as lit candles). Use of the Andy Wu fireplace is solely at the discretion of the staff person on duty.
  • Prevent tripping hazards: secure extension cords with duct tape and wipe up spills immediately.
  • Be aware of emergency exits: the main stairwell and the emergency only exit located at the rear of every floor. Under no circumstances should either exit be blocked (with equipment, chairs, tables, trash cans, etc). Both exits must remain completely accessible at all times.
  • For events serving alcohol:
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Common Room Hours

Monday-Friday: 10AM - 5PM
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

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